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Farewell OVH, Hello Hetzner!

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I’m awfully bad at introductions. Hello, this is my blog!

I recently retired my old OVH dedi server (ks201712), purchased in 2003 and forgot to setup my webpage back.

So it’s now back up again and as a bonus I also added a blog, a fork of Jessie’s blog because I love her custom Hugo theme.

Back to dedi server talks, now I’m paying around 12€ less than before, including taxes, for a better server in Hetzner, there’s nothing wrong with OVH, they served me good for many years but I wanted to test a different provider.

Good old ks201712 was shared among three other people, we each paid 7.5€ per month. I grew tired of collecting money from them, most of the time they didn’t paid on time. But being all friends I could shame them forever for not doing so.

Many things did get installed and ran in that 16 HT cores and 24G of RAM puppy, and most of them were badly configured:

And probably a lot more stuff that I’m forgetting about or I wasn’t aware of.

It’s been a long journey and I learnt so many friggin' things about Linux, sysadmining and dealing with people. Sure it’s not as easy, nor expensive, as having a VPS in your favourite cloud of choice but it’s way more useful.

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